Google Ranking Factors

Does Google really update its Algorithm frequently? The answer is no. Google use to run many experiments in a single day but google use to say they officially change search indexes periodically. Maybe these experimental changes later go as a bigger update like Panda, depends on their entire system.


Fixed Ranking position is a MYTH.

For Instance, If a person started ranking a keyword using some SEO services and positioned it on Google’s 4th page does the ranking position remains the same for a long term? No. It is because for same search query google shows different search results in various devices. The search engine ranking depends on how compatible your website is for various devices like laptop, smartphone, etc., 

When an expert in SEO services tends to check on ranking for same query or keyword in two different devices no one can guarantee on same ranking position for your keyword. This is a proven trick by search engines like Google and Bing. 

How Google really ranks your Webpage?

Click Through Rate

Click through Rate is how many visitors click on your link when it appears on search results. Google counts on the number of clicks your links get. If you ranked your webpage for the targeted keyword in position 3 using website SEO services and your competitor got the position at six. When a visitor search for a query and search results appear as per keywords and query. If people click your link for 10 times and your competitors link for 40 times google will automatically move your competitors link to position 3 and you will be moved to position 6 or more down.

“Let me make it simpler to constantly rank high on google. Appoint some freelancers and ask them to search for the keyword which you target more on google, let them directly click on your link. Then CTR will get increased and my webpage will be in top position. LOL, JUST A JOKE…”

Bounce Rate

When a person clicks your link and suddenly jumps back to google without exploring your site and search for another query or moved to another link or next page for the same query will affect your websites bounce rate. Visitors if they dint found relevant solutions to their query they will automatically jump to another link. Producing valuable content that matches visitors search query is more important or else google will find your site doesn’t have quality content and this will affect your website traffic. If your bounce rate is going high it’s a time to consult an expert who providing Affordable SEO services.

Search Referral Traffic

It is known that few website SEO service providers who track on google page rankings will never talk about Search referrals. When some changes happened to your website purely denotes that your search referrals are doing those. What does Search Referral Mean? If your webpage link is posted and published on another website it is called as a referrer. When a person visits your webpage from their website is known as search referral Traffics. Your website ranking position will be changed this denotes that something happened with search referral traffics. Hence, you should pay attention to the links you got linked up with your referrer. 

RANK HIGH without worrying about an UPDATE

You cannot say what and how recent update is going to affect your website ranking position. You cannot know how previous updates affected your search traffic. Demanding and Shattering Website owners in the name GOOGLE UPDATE using analysis is an unnecessary trick done by a few amateur web marketers. If your traffic goes down need to take some action and choose an SEO service provider who doesn’t think about Google updates.
Not to worry about any BIG updates that Google does, it never lasts. Keep Ranking.

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