Reasons Why People Don’t Buy From Your Site

It is, indeed, demotivating to see website visitors browse things on your website, maybe even add things to the cart, and then leave. Why are they doing this? What can you do to reverse this? To figure out all that, you need to know why people are not buying, and how to change that with SEO services.

Let’s check out 10 common reasons why people are not buying from your website and how effective yet affordable SEO services can fix each of these problems.

Affordable SEO Servces

Poor/inadequate visuals

If the visual aspect of the website is poor and unappealing the visitors won’t bother about the content. This is how good SEO will implement image and video:

  • While stock images are the easy way out. Using real images will really be impactful.
  • Be careful while selecting the font. Use big and simple fonts which can be read easily.
  • Be mindful of the color palette. Don’t make it too dull or too bright. Use just enough relevant colors to keep the visitors interested.
  • Create crisp video content to grab the attention of the laziest person and intrigue them.

Traffic Lacks Relevant Targeting

Your whole endeavor becomes useless if the right kind of traffic doesn’t visit your website. If the visitors aren’t interested in the things your website has to offer/sell, then the chances of making a profit become zero. Use website SEO services in the following ways:

  • Perform target analytics to make sure you are appealing to an interested group.
  • Go for retargeting and remarketing at any given stage of the process, whenever necessary.
  • Be mindful of the needs and requirements of the visitors. Begin with your target audience, and then move on to their educational level, their interests, and their vernacular. See if your website looks and feels comfortable yet appealing to your demographic.

Communication Gap

The “About Us” page on any website is one of its most frequently visited pages. It is one of your most potent tools to connect with visitors.

  • Add relevant details about yourself as well as about your company.
  • Mention your dreams, aims, and inspirations to add a personal touch. Write about what your company aims to do. This builds trust.

You must also be accessible. Add relevant and detailed information in the “Contact Us” page, and respond to your audience’s queries as and when required. It makes your business look more credible.

Good SEO services include making sure your visitors have a way to communicate with you 24*7. Be available and attentive.

Poor Customer Feedback Response

Pay attention to customer relationships. CRM is a crucial element of SEO services.

  • If a customer gives positive feedback, acknowledge and appreciate it.
  • If you get criticism on the social media page or main website, make sure you have someone to constructively respond to it.
  • Make it prompt. Reply within an hour, preferably within minutes.
  • Be polite and welcome more feedback.
  • Modify your products and services according to suggestions.

Inconvenient Delivery and Return Policy

There must be an option for free shipping, or at least reasonable delivery charges. Customers rarely want to splurge on shipping costs.

The return policy is just as important. Customers need to know that the product they are going to buy can be returned in case they have a problem with it. Affordable SEO services with a reputation will make sure you have proper return provisions.

  • In case they are not fond of the product that they have received, give them an adequate time frame to decide if they want to return it or exchange it for another product.
  • Make sure there is a pick-up for returns. Don’t make your customers waste time and money by sending the damaged product back to you.
  • Give the option of both, a refund and replacement. Do not limit your customers to replacement only.

Having zero or strict return policies is the easiest way to lose visitors at the door of conversion.

Unresponsive Website

A lot of people usually prefer to shop from their smartphones. You need efficient SEO services to make sure the app and website are both responsive.

  • Your website should be mobile-friendly.
  • The site should load quickly.
  • Avoid too much scrolling or pinching. The buttons should be big enough.
  • Most importantly, do not let ads cover the important parts of the screen. You shouldn’t be running external ads, to begin with.

Missing Call to Action Button

Sometimes the customers need a slight nudge to move them in the direction that you want. The call to action button provides that subtle nudge.

It also allows you to get relevant information regarding your prospective customers by convincing them to sign up.

Without a CTA button, you are not even trying to make conversion happen. Good website SEO services include knowing which call to action button is best suited for a business and where it should be placed.

Unpleasant User Interface

Customers rarely stick to websites that take a long time to load. Also, if navigating through the website feels akin to navigating through a jungle then the chances are they will leave.

  • Choose a clean design.
  • Information should be easily accessible.
  • Provide good pictures of your product, both general and situational.
  • Make sure the site is easy to navigate.
  • There must not be bugs preventing the visitor from navigating wherever they want to.

Trust Development Required

Trust is a crucial element when it comes to online shopping. The information provided by the customer should never be abused. Deliver on your promises. Fulfill all your claims. Good SEO services never exclude a testimonials page.

Unappealing Content

Time is money. Visitors want information, and they want it quickly. Use short videos to provide product demos, or to explain the FAQs. Even all small and affordable SEO services know that content marketing is crucial. This will make things more interesting for the visitors.

Remember, using YouTube means more traffic. The content should always be relevant and up-to-date. Nobody wants stale content. Give them something new and interesting.