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If the website speed was slow then user left out the website because the users are like hunters they want the correct information what they searched. If the website load took the time or half loaded and a big explanation which makes the user get out of the website and they start to find the answer on another website.

Nowadays compared to desktop, a lot of online business conversion occur on mobile devices. So maintaining a good web page speed on the mobile device is also important for conversion occurring.

Why the Website Speed was slow in mobile than Desktop

Website Speed was slow in mobile compared to desktop due to the following reason

  • Central Processing Unit – Desktop/Computer has high CPU power so it can handle multiple works, speed and manage the heat produced by it. Whereas Mobile has low CPU power because it can’t handle high heat like the desktop. If the Desktop CPU power used in Mobile CPU all the processor and circuit will be burnt in mobile due to heat. So mobile can’t able to handle multiple work and speed like in the desktop.
  • Internet Connection – Due to the Poor internet connection the website speed on mobile will be slow. It depends upon data packages(i.e.,2G/3G/4G), cell phone provider coverage and your location.

Next, one big question will arise  “Did the website speed on mobile can’t be improved?”

The answer is No.

Doing various optimization, We can able to improve the website speed on mobile as in desktop. Click here – To Know how to improve the website speed

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