Is Your Website Lossing Potential Customers 5 Easy Fixes for It

The biggest nightmare for digital citizens is losing potential customers. Many factors result in such huge loss and it becomes essential to identify them at the earliest before your website collapses completely. Let’s list down five major causes and solutions for the same, which can stand as guidance to attract your customers again.

1. Absence of call-to-action

So you have set up the content that completely entertains your readers. The content keeps the readers hooked, that very good achievement but does that make those readers turn into customers who will stay with you in the long run? If the answer is no, then it means your website is lacking a “call to action”. The website design & development should be done in such a way that makes the path for the customers to take some call to action, which prevents the customers from vanishing away after reading.

2. All talk about self

It is normal for the brand to talk about themselves on their respective website, to build brand awareness. But as we know, too much of anything becomes a poison. So, too much self-talk may drive your potential customers away. The best fix for this is obviously to minimize the self-talk and focus more on the needs and pain points of the readers. When you identify their need you can do the website design & development part by, providing a solution to their need or pain points. This way both the brand awareness and customer count will increase.

3. Be aware of those who are just testing the waters

Not every person who lands upon the website comes with an actual interest to have a deal with you. It is said that 96% of them are just sailing around with no intention to catch a fish. The call to action, guiding such readers to take immediate deal with you won’t work in such scenarios. The solution to this is to provide something in return like food coupons, gifts, or a newsletter in return for their email id. After you obtain their email-id you can run an email campaign and convert the water testers into reliable customers. 

4. Old and rusty design

Outdated design dilutes the customer count because that builds up the first impression for them about your website. Attractive and trendy design can help a lot in retaining and increasing the customer count. To do this one can get in touch with a website designing company who have a team of professionals who can guide you in website design & development and thereby prevent customer leak out.

5. Lost trust

The Internet is filled with many fake websites, so that makes the customers think twice before having any deal with you. So, in such cases, one should build a website in such a way that creates trust. This can be done by posting reviews of current customers either in written or vocal form. Vocal testimonial in video form, in fact, has proven to generate more trust than written one.