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Social media marketing is crucial for online businesses to drive traffic to their site and improve sales. And hashtags have become an important part of social media marketing. You cannot cross social media without hashtags. The hashtag is a way of tagging brands, businesses, people and people’s interest in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. The usage of hashtags has changed the way we use social media.

What is Hashtag marketing?

Hashtag marketing is where a brand or business or product or service is promoted using well-researched and appropriate hashtags. It can help to market anything and everything on social media sites. Hashtag marketing requires no investment but has the highest reach if used wisely. An effective hashtag marketing goes beyond just incorporating them in your posts and tweets. To create a powerful hashtag marketing campaign that works, use the following hashtag marketing tactics

1. Create branded hashtags

This is the most important hashtag marketing strategy that can enhance the exposure for your brand. As their name indicates, branded hashtags can contain your brand name, company slogan, specific product’s name, or your marketing campaign’s name. Your brand hashtag acts as your identity. So make it unique, concise, and relevant. By using branded hashtags you can monitor the performance of your campaign and increase your presence on social media.

2. Utilize trending hashtags

A trending hashtag is a specific hashtag, which is used by a high volume of people in their posts or the recently popular ones. Social media sites like Facebook and twitter display the trending hashtags. When you come across a trending hashtag that relates to your brand, product, or service, utilize it by using it in your post. By using such tags in your post, you can get your content viewed by more people, which in turn will improve your brand awareness.

3. Keep it concise and relevant

Ensure that you choose the hashtag that is simple and could be easily remembered by people. It should give a clear idea about what the post is all about. Do not cram your post with a lot of hashtags then it will leave the impression that you are spammers and you’ll likely end up getting the wrong type of followers. The hashtag you use should help in categorizing your content, follow a trend, and engage with a community.

4. Research before you use it

Just like your keyword research, research before you use a hashtag in social media. Ensure that it cannot be interpreted differently and is not used by any other brand. Also, make sure that your hashtag does not create any controversies. If you use a well-researched hashtag it can help increase your brand awareness, improve conversions, and sales. If you need assistance in choosing the proper hashtag, contact our SEO Expert. They can help you choose the right hashtags that can bring in more business for you.

5. Be specific and unique

If you need your hashtag to reach a specific community during special occasions or events, then you need to find a unique hashtag. Avoid generic hashtags and use more unique hashtags to lure the audience and improve social engagement time. You should also stay abreast of innovations, social media features, and user preferences.

6. Chat hashtags

This is mainly used on Twitter. You can post your chat with hashtags that could start conversations. This type of hashtag marketing can give you access to a responsive audience. It can also make users engage directly with a brand or an individual.

Final thoughts

Certainly, hashtags are the most powerful tool for marketing your brand on social media. However, knowing how to use a hashtag is the base for your success. Using hashtags strategically can provide your business with a lot of benefits. Start using the above hashtag marketing tactics to improve your brand exposure, attract the target audience, boost your SEO and make the most out of it.

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