hashtag marketing tactics

Hashtag Marketing Tactics

Social media marketing is crucial for online businesses to drive traffic to their site and improve sales. And hashtags have become an important part of social media marketing. You cannot cross social media without hashtags. The hashtag is a way of tagging brands, businesses, people and people’s interest in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. The usage

mobile speed

Why the Website Speed was Slower in Mobile than Desktop

If the website speed was slow then user left out the website because the users are like hunters they want the correct information what they searched. If the website load took the time or half loaded and a big explanation which makes the user get out of the website and they start to find the answer on another website. Nowadays

seo for startups

SEO for Startup Business and Why they need SEO Services

“SEO” people around says its termed “Search Engine Optimization” which is making your website global through digital ways, but I read that it’s sometimes typically termed “Start Early Optimization”. Whether you are an entrepreneur with new startup or a super good structural business people, if you need the online presence or want to be successful in search and digital hire

Google Ranking Factors

Shattering Between Google Updates? Rank your website as equal as before.

Does Google really update its Algorithm frequently? The answer is no. Google use to run many experiments in a single day but google use to say they officially change search indexes periodically. Maybe these experimental changes later go as a bigger update like Panda, depends on their entire system.   Fixed Ranking position is a MYTH. For Instance, If a person started ranking a keyword using some SEO services and positioned it on

web designing company

Is Your Website Lossing Potential Customers 5 Easy fixes for it

The biggest nightmare for digital citizens is losing potential customers. Many factors result in such huge loss and it becomes essential to identify them at the earliest before your website collapse down completely. Let’s list down five major causes and solution for the same, which can stand as guidance to attract your customers again. 1. Absence of call-to-action So you

seo service

Reasons Why People Don’t Buy From Your Site

It is, indeed, demotivating to see website visitors browse things on your website, maybe even add things to the cart, and then leave. Why are they doing this? What can you do to reverse this? To figure out all that, you need to know why people are not buying, and how to change that with SEO services. Let’s check out

promote your services

Creative Ways to Promote a Product or Service to a Customer

A business may hold an amazing product or service with them that can come to great use for the prospective customer. But it may lack in marketing the same and that will make the amazing product or service to never reach their prospective customers. So, to tackle such issue innovative steps has to be taken. The following are some ways

Digital Marketing Trends for Online Domination

Tahr SEO provides some Digital Marketing Trends that will dominate the market in the coming years. You can find the best and include them in your business strategies. 1. The Rise of Youtube Ads: Nowadays, Fb video ads are becoming more and more expensive especially for small businesses which find it difficult to afford at the initial stages. When you