website ranking

When your business is running successfully in the online digital world, then it is vital to maintaining the steady flow of the website’s traffic. You need to optimize your website such that it meets all the criteria acceptable by Google. But if there is a situation where your website undergoes a drastic drop in search rankings, you will lose traffic and eventually your business.

The drop might be due to many reasons; you first need to know the reason for the drop, then analyze the situation and find a remedy.

Our SEO Expert provides some of the reasons why there is a drop in a website, which every business owner must be aware of to face the issues and get back on track easily.

Manual Penalties

How do you identify your ranking drop that is due to a penalty from Google? You should be aware of this in order to sort out the issue as soon as possible. If the ranking drop has occurred overnight with a drop of more than 15-20 positions back and you are able to find suspect backlink that points to the page, then you need to realize that the drop is due to a penalty. Manual penalties are automatic where you will get notified with many Google updates. Manual penalties are issued by a Google employee on a manual basis. Whatever it might be, you need to be alert and take necessary actions immediately to come over the issue. Hence, keep checking for messages in the Search Console to know about the penalties if any. Also, look out for messages in the Manual Actions section under Search Traffic category, as this is how mostly Google get in touch with webmasters to intimate about penalties.

Low Quality Content

Google identifies when your content is plagiarized which means your content matches another content around the web. When your website holds a copied content in order to obtain higher SEO rankings, then your page will be penalized by Google. Initially, your site will suffer low rankings. Gradually Google’s index will completely remove your page from its index. Hence, go for original content and unplagiarized and increase the credibility of your website.

Complicated Website Navigation

Your website’s navigation system tells you how organized and planned you are. Keep your navigation architecture as simple as possible. Customers are not there to your site to explore and learn. Online customers generally prefer to make their solution as easy as possible and that is why they are here. If they have to go round about to arrive at the destination that they are looking for, they lose interest and leave your page. Your ranking drops eventually with less number of visitors. Also, the search engines stop crawling to the content lying underneath in your website. You can also include a lot of keywords generated internal links to direct the customers to various pages easily. So, keep your internal navigation as clear as possible which helps in improved client retention.

Lost and Unavailable links

Links are generally important for any website owner. For a website, which holds a smaller backlink profile, the dependency level is higher than usual. And imagine, if those backlinks are lost or temporarily unavailable, there would be a huge impact on the page ranking. It is always essential to check on the lost links as, when customers end up on a page that doesn’t have any information, there are a lot of chances for them to lose interest and leave. Hence, you need to verify their presence, whether they are lost or removed out of the backlink tool indices. First, check the reason for the lost link. If webmasters remove a link, then according to Google it is an unnatural link. In such cases, analyze the reason and find a solution, instead of trying to get back those links. But losing a quality link may be disheartening. So, take your time to analyze, track the lost links using specialized software and update them. Have a monthly audit and always keep monitoring on the status of your backlinks to sort out this issue.

Reduced Click-Through Rate

A website’s click-through rate(CTR) has a great impact on its ranking. Only when the users have a good experience using your website, your ranking increases. Use experience and feedbacks are keenly observed and noted by Google. Hence, keep checking your Google Search Console once in 90 days to know the status of the click-through rate (CTR). Also, Google notices the bounce rate of your website. In a scenario where the users click to view your website and immediately turn back due to unsatisfied content, it has huge negative feedback on your site. Hence, the bounce rate increases. If your CTR has drastically dropped, you have to check on a few things like server issues, and if you have made any recent changes in the website, etc. Once you find out the reason, it is easier to sort out the issue.

Dropped Redirections

You might wish to involve in structural changes of your website, or migrate to a new server or even launch a new website. In such cases, you need to be aware of a proper 301 redirect plan. If not, you might face a drastic drop in rankings. Check upon the significant redirects and ensure that they are working live. Also, make sure you update the XML sitemaps and links. Once done, the 301 redirects explain your change of address. Hence, if done accurately, it directs the website visitors to your new website address. Otherwise, it identifies your website as a duplicate one and penalizes for it. If you don’t follow the correct process, then these redirects are common. You need to frequently check on such issues to sort out the ranking drop issue.

Competitive Websites

Competition is there almost in all the fields. Your rank drop can be because of the fact that your competitor is doing better. You might be doing your best, but there can be something else that redirects customers from your site to your competitor’s site. You have to analyze it before taking a step to resolve it. First, you need to identify your competitors. You can use the software, Rank Tracker’s SERP History to know your competitors. Analyze your competitor’s activities on various social media platforms, their content marketing strategies and the way they approach and attract customers.

Keep an eye on your competitors by analyzing and monitoring their social media activity, link building strategies, and content marketing. You can also use tools like the Wayback Machine to monitor your competitor’s activities. Take measures to optimize your website to make sure your competitors don’t outrank you.

Algorithm Updates by Google

Google always try to switch on various new improved strategies by updating algorithm. And the worst case is it leaves us uninformed about the changes, which affects a lot of website holders. There are of course many sites that have faced this issue and suffered low-ranking as well. So, what can you do to get over this problem? You can opt for cross-channel marketing. You can also try on traffic strategy which involves social media marketing channels. You can also monitor the SERPs for the keywords used in your site. For this, use the Rank Tracker software, where you can Record the SERP data under the SERP Analysis tab.

It is vital to know the reason for a ranking drop so that you can analyze the cause and find a proper solution to come over it quickly. Also, one must understand that increase in website traffic and search engine rankings cannot happen all of a sudden. Hence, it is essential to follow the right strategies to avoid ranking drops. Also, be alert and informed about the latest updates to grow your business.