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SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”

What is a Search Engine?

Search Engine is a Web-Based Tool that gathers result/data from the world wide web and shows in one place based on the user’s search query.

Example for Search Engine – Google, Bing, Yahoo,… The Highly used search engine in the world is “Google”

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing reasonable traffic to your website in an organic way.

Why your website needs traffic?

  • If you have a website and no one visiting that page means no conversion/goals can occur. It means just creating a website and keep it invisible.
  • If a website as of right or reasonable visitors then there’s a lot of chances that visitors may turn into a customer.

There are many ways to generate traffic to a website in which SEO is a cost-effective method and support the long business run.

What are the types of SEO?

White Hat – White Hat SEO is a Technique that follows a webmaster tool guidelines (i.e Webmaster Tool Guidelines for Google – Click Here) to generate a result. No shortcuts to be used.

Black Hat – Using Shortcuts without following the webmaster tool guidelines to get the result quickly. This technique is risky. If the site caught it leads to getting your website removed from search engine.

Grey Hat – Grey Hat SEO is a Technique that comes between the White Hat & Black Hat SEO Technique (i.e Buying Links, Link Exchange…. For to get the ranking quickly) Based on Webmaster Tool Guidelines – Creating shortcut or following the unnatural way to get rank quickly. This Technique also considers being risky. Because that shortcut may lead to come under black hat technique in future due to Search Algorithm update.

What is Search Algorithm?

A unique formula used by the search engine to deliver the most relevant results based on the user’s search query is known as Search Algorithm.

Check out what are the algorithm updates happen on Google – Click Here

What are the Pillars of SEO?

The 4 pillars of SEO are Keyword, Content, On-Page and Off-Page.

Choosing the right keyword is an important part of SEO. Because choosing the right keywords for your business will lead to getting the right customers and conversion. So take some time to choose the right keywords for your business.

How to Choose the right keywords?

1. Collect the Keyword List related to your business through

Google keyword planner

google keyword planner


And from search engine suggestion (i.e if your search query related to your service you can get the list of keyword ideas from there. Check the below screenshot. I searched the keyword professional seo and google suggest various keyword regarding that)


From the keyword list pick 3 keywords for each web page that are to be related to a web page. If you choose the keyword for the wrong page then it affects the website ranking due to high bounce rate.


Content plays a major role in SEO.

  • Each Web Page content should contain targeting keywords in it for better results.
  • Use unique content on the website
  • Each web page should contain at least 250 words.
  • Update the content on the website regularly.


On-Page SEO is an optimization done on their website itself to make the search engine spiders to understand what the page is about and also to improve the ranking in search engine.

On-Page Optimization Part

  • Webmaster Tool Setup
  • Meta Title & Description
  • Image Alt Tag
  • Heading Tag
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Link Redirection
  • Broken Links
  • Canonical Tag
  • Pagination
  • URL
  • WWW Redirection
  • Http to Https redirection (if any)
  • Sitemap.xml file
  • Robots.txt
  • Page Speed
  • Structured data

On-Page SEO Tips:

  • Add targeting keyword on Meta Tags & Image Alt Tag (Don’t overuse it)
  • Each Web Page should contain one h1 tag. That should contain keyword terms in it.
  • Page load time should be less than 5 seconds
  • Make the external link on the website as no follow link
  • If possible add the keyword in URL
  • Add targeting keywords on content 
  • Share at least two blogs or articles per month


Off-Page SEO is an optimization done outside of the website to improve the ranking in search engine and to improve the authority of the website.

Off-Page Optimization Technique – Link Building & Social Media Optimization

SEO Work Plan

Procedure 1:

  • Google My Business Setup
  • Webmaster tool and tracking code setup
  • Need to find the issues on the website regarding SEO
  • Choose the targeting keyword
  • Optimize the keyword on targeting page and solve the website issues
  • Track your Ranking & Traffic
  • Usually, Procedure 1 Setup will take the duration of 1 month for the big site it took more than 1 month such as an e-commerce site – Read More

Procedure 2:

  • Start Building the Link. 
  • Social Media Setup & Optimization
  • Track your Ranking & Traffic
  • Usually, the procedure 2 process will be from 2nd month to 4th or 5th month. If Procedure 1 complete on 1st month itself.

Procedure 3:

  • Link Building & Social Media Optimization
  • Competitor Analysis and implementing their strategy all with our link building strategy
  • Track your Ranking & Traffic
  • Usually, Procedure 3 starts from 5th or 6th month.

Drawback of SEO

  • Output produced from SEO took some time.

Benefits of SEO

  • Creates a Good Trust for your Business
  • Supports Long Business Run
  • Cost-Effective Method
  • Build the Brand Name for your Business. Which leads to an increase the online sales.