Ethical SEO

Is SEO Dead? The answer is No. Maybe few ethics of SEO tactics are dead. Over Last few years, the marketing world is whispering that SEO services are dying/dead from every distant corner of Digital World. The fact is those whispers are not true. There is no death for heavenly god, the tactics may get evolved into something new. This evolution may result in lower rankings for those using outdated Website SEO services.

Let’s discuss about Unethical SEO tactics which are killing your search engine rankings.

Link Building

For Google ranking, Link building is the most important pathway. Nowadays spamming your links in all possible way is on high priority which losses your links relevancy towards content.  Building links in all possible ways will rank your site on top but the quality and relevancy is more important than utter quantity.

#1 Ranking Obsession

Most of the Search Engine Results with Question boxes, Featured Snippets and Ads. Obsessing over #1 ranking will still get your site buried deeper. Instead of increasing your website traffic you should concentrate on increasing your website CTR (Click through Rate).

Optimizing your CTR can be done by valuable Meta description and Tempting Headlines. If there is a question box ranking above, you should try to improve your content that directly answers the search query. This will help you to possess livelihood of your content featured on Search Engine Results.

Keyword Rushing

Your website content should provide a good user experience, readability and it should solve your user queries. You should optimize your content for page users not for search engines. You should avoid optimizing website content with unwanted headline phrases and in-article sentences for keywords that you focus on.

Over-optimizing your keywords would result in the instant ranking where posts with high-quality answers and user experience for long-term search engine ranking.


Re-launch Your Content

Curating and Re-launching content is more helpful for better user experience. Your users will get more information from your content and reliable source links should be provided in relevant places, this helps them to navigate through the variety of informations. Updating your top ranking older content periodically can improve your website traffic and ranking position.

Choose Between Evergreen or Social Articles

Fix your goal for Website SEO services even before starting to write an article. If the article is written for ranking and website traffic choose some trending topics related to your post and make it evergreen article for the search engine. If the article is written for social traction search ranking will be lower compared to social share counts.


As said earlier SEO services aren’t dying a few ethical tactics are died due to competitive obsession. We know search engines update them to give better results to their users. So, we can’t fix the SEO strategy set in stone. You should constantly evaluate and experiment on SEO strategies.