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Just launched your website? Do you seek quick reference for what to do next? Do you know about Search Engine Optimization? Either you answer Yes or No; Here I make you walk through 8 hours set up a guide to glide through Google Search or other search engine list. It’s good to know something before we start with nothing.

Now it’s time to set up the first few hours of boost. With your fresh divine first look of the website, you should start with

4 Measures you need to concentrate on

  • Webmaster tools signup, keyword analysis, on-page optimization, Page Speed Analysis
  • Optimize for Mobile Friendly website
  • Local SEO
  • Content Management, Crawl Errors and Broken links

Let me explain the 8 hour Leverage

#First Hour

Sign up with webmaster tools

If you haven’t signed up for webmaster tools or set up website do that first, webmaster tools are gifts as they really give you powerful insights of how your site performs, also with that you can nail your website by looking at things to pay Google’s attention.

1.) Add your website to webmaster tool and if you have already ingested Google Analytics you could just connect webmaster tool with that and verify your site.

2.) Now once your site verified, you want to submit your sitemap, which is an XML file with the link created on your website.  This tells Google Webmaster what pages you have on your website

That’s it, this may take a few hours or maybe days to pull in data for your website sit back and explore webmaster tool to know what are the insights it will give for you.

Overview of list

Site Errors, Crawl Errors, Search Analytics, Search Appearance, Structured data, Data Highlighter, Html improvements.

All these were to do and taken care of SEO, ready to hire a Website SEO Services?

#Second Hour

Concentrate on keywords

Relax, now you know your business and your targeted keywords that should be optimized for. Just list out, also just Google your search like you are the customer for your business, how do you search for? What are the terms or keywords you type in to fetch results, enlighten those keywords too.

1.) Use Agency Analytics, SEM Rush, Google Keyword Planner to choose your keywords for optimization.

2.) Use Competitors keywords, Competitors Brand Name Keywords as Google lifted the ban on brand name except for trademark business name.

3.) Easiest keyword first as well as long tail keywords for optimization and content curation, where you can link back for the terms within the website or reliable inbound links

4.) Remember to choose keywords similar and that you think it will convert well.

5.) Look for high search volume, low difficulty and high organic CTR keywords.

#Third Hour

Quick Checklist for On-page Optimization

A good website should be with the right structure and awesome User Integration/User Experience for your frames and Digital banners on the website, check for the list below.

Title tag – Include the keywords with the right H1, H2 Tags, which will be displayed on the website browser. If your business is area centered or area specific you could add the location in your title for most leads

Page URL or Your Domain – Include your Main business keyword or keyword phrase in your URL as possible avoid space or underscores and instead use hyphens

Image ALT Tag and File name – Include keyword in your image alt tag so that you could even don’t miss out the visually impaired also the main thing is you could make search engine understand what image is displayed.  However, include the keyword in your image file so that the relevancy of search engine is easy to commute linked with the page content.

Keyword density – Include your overall keywords in your page content which is between 5-7% and try not to saturate them with dumping

Meta Description – Include Keywords in the Meta description, the precise description on search engine list is the best to get you great leads.

Page Content – Create compelling content, which should be unique and easy to understand. So that your inbound linking will be an easy gain for the great share.

Page Speed – Last but not least with the checklist, always rely on and check your sites loading time for more traffic

#Fourth Hour

Optimize for Mobile Friendly Website Page

As many customers rely on mobile devices for decision making, as well the world is now moving behind the fastest internet, was 5G to 50G may emerge. Do you know something that in recent days as people use mobile devices, there happen 28 million extra searches compared to desktop searches?  It’s important to design a mobile website and optimize for mobile devices too.

1.) Create a Responsive Design:  No you are not going to design separately for desktop and mobile devices, as you work on a responsive site the size shrinks according to the device.

2.) Optimize for mobile speed:  Make sure your mobile site loads super fast. If a mobile website load so slow it may create a negative impact on user experiences as well site search rankings. Mobile page speed matters a lot in mobile-friendly website launch. Compressing large images do help in site speed. Duda and CDN play a vital role in mobile website building.

3.) Leverage Accelerated Mobile Pages Framework: AMP framework ensures that your website is super user-friendly for mobile devices and Google showcase your AMP website in search results which improve high CTR.

4.) Lessen your header image size: Compressing large images do help in site speed. Duda and CDN play a vital role in mobile website building.

Weird of stuff and questioning yourself how to accomplish these things smoother to run your website for generating leads,  as a busy entrepreneur you may not find time to sit back and do all these or look after things, seek for the best Affordable SEO Services or SEO Company like Tahr SEO accomplish the task.

Video Reference: Mobile Organic Search Hacks

#Fifth Hour

Improvise your Local SEO.

Improving website SEO takes much effort and time, whereas Local links from high page authority sites is possible in Local SEO

1.) Create your Google my business page – Add or Business name, keywords, location, Address and Contact (This will get added to Google maps as they fetch data) Add explicit business description, images of your business and also your business hours. Optimizing this gives the best local SEO boost and leads.  According to the industry, it may get listed in Google first view page.

2.) Submit your business to 100’s of local web directories to get more inbound links

3.) Start getting reviews from your customers or clients, at least one in a week that would help in high CTR.

4.) Try to link back with your client sites if they have high Page Authority or Domain Authority

#Sixth Hour

Content Management

Creating a website is not just design and development; it depends on content curation. Best to always be keen on avoid duplication of content. Frequent Content updation increases traffic and higher crawlability. But duplicate content ruins site traffic as well as ranking.

With Word Press and other content management systems (CMS) duplicate pages get created so it is important to check often If there’s an issue with crawl errors or broke links we should get it to fix at the right time. Unless this may affect SEO.

Unique content reaches viral so fast and reap in good leads as they are eye-catchable from meta description in SERPS and in Social Media sites.

#Seventh Hour

Look for content duplication link errors; you can even rely on online webmaster tools.

Use 301 redirects

If there requires updation in content and you have moved the old content to new URL, consider 301 redirects to prevent Google not to index that link and to avoid duplication.

Canonical URL Tag

Use Canonical URL Tag attribute to two different pages with the same content.

No index and No Follow

Add No index and No Follow meta tags for pages that you don’t want to index or not to crawl in SERPS.

#Eight Hour

Decision Making:

Now you are whosoever read this blog, an entrepreneur with no knowledge of SEO, Know what SEO is? But thinking over how that you could start? One Simple answer is Hire an Affordable SEO Service providers and sit back relax for a day or two. Everything will be set fie and report back to you.